The making of final arrangements including estate planning is an

unpopular subject. It is an unpleasant task as it forces us to focus on mortality. According to a recent survey by the National Funeral Director’s Association, only 21 percent of Americans have discussed funeral arrangements with family or loved ones. Still, its importance can not be overstated. Without a plan in place, your family will be burdened at a time when decision making of this type will magnify the grief. Additionally, by planning your funeral in advance you decide if it will be a celebration of life or a traditional service.

The first stepping in the planning of a funeral is a general understanding of ceremony planning, internment, or cremation. To eliminate some of the confusion over questions about embalming or cremation, a full service with viewing or graveside, grave purchase or the scattering of ashes at a place meaningful to you, talking with a professional is recommended. Arizona Affordable Funeral Home is available to assist. 

There are also financial questions best discussed with a professional such as prepay plans, packages, veterans and Medicaid funding, and cemetery plat acquisition.  Prepaying can alleviate financial concerns for your family but it is important to fully understand terms including cancellation fees and what exactly is included in the plan. As the average funeral now costs around $7,000 it should be viewed as any large purchase. Packages of goods and services should also be discussed with a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask for an itemized list prices for each service or item.

Talk with family and loved ones. Be both specific and realistic. Keep in mind that rather than alleviating concerns and worries you can compound them being to specific or rehashing the discussions over and over. Also, listen and be respectful of their wishes, after all they will grieving the loss, not you. From that perspective, keep in mind the fact that a funeral is an important event for family and loved ones as it provides a sense of closure and enables the healing process to begin.

Taking care of your funeral arrangements in advance is a caring thing to do for family and loved ones. It is in essence an expression of love and concern for them. It is also one way that you can ease the burden at the time of grief. Surprisingly, funeral planning is also liberating for you as it provides an opportunity for expressing how you wish to be remembered through choosing the epitaph on your headstone, and how you cared for your family until the very end.


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